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“I am so impressed with how easy this process was.  You handled everything so I could concentrate on my learning and not worry about the paperwork. Now, I have tools I can use in my classroom and 3 graduate credits I can use for my next salary bump.  Thank you!” – Marissa K.  

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Next Graduate Credit Opening: October 1, 2014

Each online class that we offer is also available for graduate credit 3 times per year through our partner, Adams State University.  ASU is HLC-accredited, so if you are looking for graduate credits to advance on the salary scale or for relicensure, this may be a good option for you.  Please be sure to check with your school district or current institution to ensure that they will accept ASU credits.






Classes Enrolling for Graduate Credit

Each time we open graduate credit enrollment, all 6 of our courses will be available.  Each course will take place for 5-6 weeks, depending on the credits available.  Classes worth 120 CPU hours are 3 graduate credits (6 weeks in length) and classes worth 80 CPU hours are 2 graduate credits (5 weeks in length).

Graduate Class Format

Our graduate credit offerings for our self-paced classes contain the same information as the CPU versions.  There are some slight, but important, differences to note.  Graduate classes will require more hands-on assignments which are graded by the class instructor.  You will receive personalized feedback for each and every assignment.  Additionally, graduate classes required active discussion board participation and adherence to assignment due dates.  Students may still move through the class at their own pace, but assignments will have strict due date submission times.  Finally, students will need to purchase the recommended books for each course.

Can I take a course I’ve already completed for CPUs?

Unfortunately, no.  Because the course content is the same and you have already been awarded hours towards class completion, you are only eligible to take classes for graduate credit which you have not taken for CPU credit.